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1. How do I know if my payment has been received?


We will send a notification of payment to you. You can also visit, log in and check the order status at any time. If Beffory has received payment, the order status will show “Paid”.

2.Do you offer a commercial invoice?


Yes. Once we have received an order and payment has been cleared, the invoice will be sent to you via email.

3. How can I withdraw money to Paypal or credit card?

The credit or balance in your store account is allowed to withdraw to your Paypal or credit card. Please 
submit a ticket and the Customer Service will apply it. Please notice that bonus or points is not included.

4. What shall I do if I make a duplicate payment?

Please understand that we don’t view duplicate payment unless customer requests. If you make duplicate payments in one order, that’s ok. Please 
submit a ticket and contact our Customer Service. A credit or refund will be applied. If you make same orders and pay for all of them, we will try to cancel them before shipping. Once shipped, customers are not eligible for a refund.